22 September 2011

Long Time Ago...

16:34 o'clock

a long time ago i was falling in love with fashion. now i know that fashion is transient, one day we'll be naked again, feeling the sun and loving this. my posts will be suffering a change, because after fall rtw 2011 and now seeing spring rtw 2012...fashion is a big repetition, like everything else. 

and someday we'll all die.

                                                                                                                                         xxx, mademoiselle Envy 

21 June 2011

Natasha Poly

15:36 o'clock

xxx, mademoiselle Envy

20 June 2011

in bloom july 2011

21:35 o'clock

summer, pleased to see you again...
falling into colors and mellowness
dancing in the sky with a shining dress
yes, she'll win against obscurity and rain...


xxx, mademoiselle Envy

17 June 2011


15:48 o'clock

my first outfit! i don't feel so good by showing off myself in the internet, it's like everybody could find out how you look, what you wear, what you dream and think of, and especially who you are...but after all i hope you'll like it. 
 xxx, mademoiselle Envy

14 June 2011

Givenchy & Emilio Pucci Resort 2012

 15:25 o'clock
after riccardo tisci's hit with his fall collection comes straight the other one! the mix between tropical prints, paradise colors and sporty cuts will make this a wonderful-to-be-copied-collection by less expensive labels like zara. which is just perfect: because so the fashion-addicted crowd has the chance to buy it. i'll wait for it!

what happens when barbie meets peter dundas? the new resort collection 2012. even though the cuts are quite unusual for pucci (so minimal and simple) and the pattern not completely inspired by the typical hippie-style this difference transforms his collection to something new and special. the gaudy colors and the tasky zebra motif make it very, very sexy...just like a barbie!
xxx, mademoiselle Envy