28 May 2011

Malgosia Bela

17:17 o'clock

here's a little tribute to one of my favorite models: malgosia bela. i had some mad dreams this week which inspired me to make this collage with malgosia as my "medium" to the world ... i used almost every big campaign, cover or shoot in which malgosia appeared,  and transformed it for my own ideas. here a little help for an interpretation: the hands in front symbolize the protective walls of your house and your bed in which you lay in when you dream. the meaning of the fingers cutting through malgosia (the sleeper/dreamer) is that in the second you close your eyes, you are vulnerable and travelling between life and death. every other malgosia coming out of the hands/the head is one of my dreams ... it's a bit complicated and longlasting to write everything down. so just let your ideas form the collage to something individual! i think in the upcoming weeks i'll upload a painting of malgosia i'm doing right now ... i'm working on it since january, but i never manage to really finish it, because everytime i look at it again, i find new imperfections and mistakes. it drives me crazy! xxx, mademoiselle Envy

26 May 2011

Riese Farbaute

20:25 o'clock 

"We've travelled through space for ages. But we didn't find anyone or anything at all. Though, once there was a really special moment..."

riese farbaute is the brain behind this futuristic work of art. this video is called DERVISHES IN SPACE, PART ONE, there are two more of the series. after watching it the first time i felt like a balloon filled with pure energy, ready to explode at any moment and spread my ideas and feelings with everyone. i really love it: the artistic work, the light, the outfits, the text, the music, the make-up ... as you can see, well, everything. hope you enjoy it the same way as i do! fly into the dephts of space. xxx, mademoiselle Envy

"I don't know what it was. But it felt good..." 

 i do not own the quotes or the video

21 May 2011

Black & White

18:40 o'clock

i enjoyed the sun and went on a little trip to a castle here nearby. these photos are the result of a wonderful peaceful day. i changed the bright colors to a simple black & white because it looks much more elegant and everyone can imagine his own colors ... only the first picture doesn't belong to the castle surroundings: it's a new blazer i bought yesterday in h&m, but i love the design and it fits into the scheme. xxx, mademoiselle envy

20 May 2011

Cinema Against AIDS 2011

15:56 o'clock

well...as you can see i looked for the best dressed of the cinema against aids 2011 benefit gala. the amfAR gala has become the most eargerly anticipated and best-publicized party during the cannes festival, so everyone who has a name has to be invited. the location was the same as the chanel resort collection 2011, the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc (très élégantwere many well-dressed, charming women came to represent themselves properly , either very sexy showing off their thin legs or very elegant with long evening gowns. but finally i chose these ones:

- anna beatriz barrios (couldn't find the designer...)
- giovanna battaglia (vintage stephan sprouse) 
- doutzen kroes (...sorry, but here neither)
- rosario dawson (roberto cavalli)
- alessandra ambrosio (roberto cavalli)
-karolina kurkova (chanel haute couture)
- freida pinto (lanvin)

the event was filled with chanel and cavalli pieces, mostly pale colors, ruffels or strapless gowns with v-neck. only doutzen's red dress highlighted the nude color palette. fot this striking accent i love her even more...xxx, mademoiselle Envy

18 May 2011

Festival de Cannes

21:24 o'clock


bar refaeli (single again!!) is wearing a graceful roberto cavalli gown at the premiere of "the beaver", completing the elegant look with chopard jewels. i personally loved the sexy cutouts and especially the daring bare back...  
zoe saldana ... stunning as always. attending "the tree of life" premiere she chose the armani privé gown. the nicholas kirkwood heels and the neil lane jewlery matched perfectly to the stylish look. so simple, elegant and modern! 

so who wins in your opinion? i think they both look beautiful, but i would rather wear bar's gown, because of the fact that coral red makes me look pale...unfortunatly. xxx, mademoiselle Envy 

16 May 2011


19:43 o'clock
oh my grace! since i had seen her in "james bond a view to kill"  i was so impressed by her originality. she is an artist, a model, an actress or even a singer ... in my opinion very feminine, strong and sexy in every move she makes, even though she was known for her andorgynous looks and experimenting with the gender roles. and not to forget her style: breath-taking. kind of the old lady gaga or better lady gaga is the copy of grace jones. i hope the collage comes something near to her exotic personality and special face. xxx, mademoiselle Envy

12 May 2011


18:18 o'clock

some wonderful pieces i wish i could have ... i love the colors and the simple, straight lines. the ring and the grey snake pattern are just perfect to brighten up the strong look and making it more "fresh". from top left to bottom right: 
(d&g pochette bag)  (the balenciaga watch)  (zara top)  (jil sander slaidback ballerina   (topshop ring)  (topshop short)  (jil sander inspired hair) 
i hope i'll find some similar items which are less expensive! xxx, mademoiselle Envy

10 May 2011

Chanel Resort 2012 review

18:20 o'clock

if karl creates something it has to exceed everything. the cut of the fabric, the shoes, the models, the location, the show, the ideas, the bags, the jewellery, the accessories - yes, we are talking from the kaiser. but too much of perfection and luxury does not necessarily mean a impressive result. the chanel resort 2012 collection was amassed by meaningless work. too much of everything and at the same time filled only with emptiness. i can only appreciate the four dresses, the bathing suit and the lovely shoes the models are wearing above, because these pieces have the beautiful, old chanel flair- original and classy. 

dear karl, 
a little advice: sometimes it's much better to be down-to-earth, having some new inspiring ideas and changing a little bit the so bleak and bland colors! 

...what is your opinion? xxx, mademoiselle Envy

09 May 2011

Arlenis Sosa for Yo Dona

20:07 o'clock

i found these pictures and was completly amazed. sure arlenis has better shots and i have to admit that she doesn't looks that excited and i don't feel her moods, but i'm totally right now into this summer-sun-breeze-feeling and loving all these strong colors. thinking about summer is much better then of fall or winter, and i don't want to be thinking of the future, i want to live right now. sure this fall/winter will have cozy looks and wonderful things too, but please, who doesn't enjoy summer? xxx, mademoiselle Envy

07 May 2011


10:15 o'clock

addicted to the new h&m swimwear collection 2o11. the pictures invite you just to jump into the water! but which of these models fits better? edita vilkeviciute (the blonde one) or filippa hamilton (brown one)? sure, both look gorgeus, beautiful and sexy, but in my opinion i go for fillipa- she gives me the feeling of holidays...and i need holidays! xxx, mademoiselle Envy