28 May 2011

Malgosia Bela

17:17 o'clock

here's a little tribute to one of my favorite models: malgosia bela. i had some mad dreams this week which inspired me to make this collage with malgosia as my "medium" to the world ... i used almost every big campaign, cover or shoot in which malgosia appeared,  and transformed it for my own ideas. here a little help for an interpretation: the hands in front symbolize the protective walls of your house and your bed in which you lay in when you dream. the meaning of the fingers cutting through malgosia (the sleeper/dreamer) is that in the second you close your eyes, you are vulnerable and travelling between life and death. every other malgosia coming out of the hands/the head is one of my dreams ... it's a bit complicated and longlasting to write everything down. so just let your ideas form the collage to something individual! i think in the upcoming weeks i'll upload a painting of malgosia i'm doing right now ... i'm working on it since january, but i never manage to really finish it, because everytime i look at it again, i find new imperfections and mistakes. it drives me crazy! xxx, mademoiselle Envy

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