26 May 2011

Riese Farbaute

20:25 o'clock 

"We've travelled through space for ages. But we didn't find anyone or anything at all. Though, once there was a really special moment..."

riese farbaute is the brain behind this futuristic work of art. this video is called DERVISHES IN SPACE, PART ONE, there are two more of the series. after watching it the first time i felt like a balloon filled with pure energy, ready to explode at any moment and spread my ideas and feelings with everyone. i really love it: the artistic work, the light, the outfits, the text, the music, the make-up ... as you can see, well, everything. hope you enjoy it the same way as i do! fly into the dephts of space. xxx, mademoiselle Envy

"I don't know what it was. But it felt good..." 

 i do not own the quotes or the video

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