10 May 2011

Chanel Resort 2012 review

18:20 o'clock

if karl creates something it has to exceed everything. the cut of the fabric, the shoes, the models, the location, the show, the ideas, the bags, the jewellery, the accessories - yes, we are talking from the kaiser. but too much of perfection and luxury does not necessarily mean a impressive result. the chanel resort 2012 collection was amassed by meaningless work. too much of everything and at the same time filled only with emptiness. i can only appreciate the four dresses, the bathing suit and the lovely shoes the models are wearing above, because these pieces have the beautiful, old chanel flair- original and classy. 

dear karl, 
a little advice: sometimes it's much better to be down-to-earth, having some new inspiring ideas and changing a little bit the so bleak and bland colors! 

...what is your opinion? xxx, mademoiselle Envy

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